About MadeFair

MadeFAIR is very much rooted, for better or for worse, in the Cambodia ex-pat lifestyle.  Backpackers come and go in their Cochella-inspired garb, but those long-termers who migrate from their homes -- from Denver to Manchester, Tokyo to Melbourne -- have jobs in nonprofit, hospitality, sustainability, and social business. These jobs require functional and fashionable wardrobes adapted to both the frigid winters back home and the perpetual equatorial sunshine of this beautiful -- but sometimes grinding --  country we call home.



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The Manc & The Yank

The Yank

After receiving her Bachelor's in Anthropology from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a concentration in Race and Ethnic Relations, Tavie worked in the non-profit industry while dabbling in freelance marketing and website design. She moved to Cambodia in 2012 and quit non-profit the following year to pursue ethical fashion.

The Manc

Sara has worked in hospitality and primary education in Crete, Jakarta, The Canary Islands, Sihanoukville, and of course her hometown, Manchester, England. She's earned her Bachelor's in Literature and Journalism , and a Master's in Creative Writing from the University of Salford